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    Try PDAnet from or WirelessModem from

    PDANet is easier to install than WM. WM does not require to install software in your laptop.
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    Is there any way I can hook up my T600 to my laptop (possibly via USB) and use it to give net access to the laptop?
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    Try Pdanet from Junefabrics
    Nokia 6340i-->T600-->MPx220-->Imate SP5
    Cingular GSM, Northeast Georgia, USA
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    Awesome! Anyone been successful with this?
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    I've been using it 6 months or so - works great. Beware, as your service agreement probably prohibits it to be used that way (at least Sprint does).

    I only use it when I'm on the road and there isn't a hotspot around (and I don't travel very often).

    I love the fact that I can get connected anywhere I can get a cell. Only downside is you don't have the ability to be connected and talk on the phone at the same time.
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    Arc - sounds perfect. I'd only want to use it when I had no other choice.

    Is there any way of Sprint to know that I'm using it that way?
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    so will sprint bill you or can you use it like this as much as you want even though it is against their rules?
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    I've been using it over a year now with no problems from Sprint. I've got unlimited Vision for $10 a month and use it frequently.
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    I been using it for over a year now as well. I on the other hand have no other internet access so this is my only meanw to connect to net. I surf with it every day & download files quite frequently (up to maybe 25 mb tops at one time). I pay $10 a month with no complaints from Sprint whatsoever! Do it man, do it!! :-D
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    Sweet. You get what, a 19.2 data rate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooldino
    Sweet. You get what, a 19.2 data rate?
    Depends on your carrier. I get (approx) 128Mb per sec on my Bell Mobility's 1X network (in Canada).
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    So PDANet doesn't just give you a cell modem - you can utilize the 1X network?
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    I just downloaded PDANet. It's really nice. I got about 68kbps - obviously no where near my DSL, but a definite backup when on the road. BTW, I am using Verizon Wireless as my carrier.

    Thanks for the program, Dunc!

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    I am thinking about doing this as well and had a few questions. First, my verizon plan is setup for PDA internet access only. Will I still be able to use my computer to connect to the internet or do I need to upgrade my account to a true data plan designed for something other than PDAs. Also, has anyone tried using PdaNET with a Mac? I want to use it with my Powerbook and my Treo 600 but don't know if it is compatible. Thanks for any help!
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    It appears that PdaNET will not work on my PowerBook (according to their website). Does anyone know of a Mac friendly program that would alow me to use my PowerBook and Treo600 to get on the internet? Thanks again.
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    Thanks so much for the quick reply!!! Exactly what I needed.


    Do you use verizon's PDA/Smartphone data plan or do you use a different plan through Verizon. I want to make sure that I won't get a mega bill from verizon if I connect to the net through my treo 600 on a laptop. Sorry for so many questions, I am fairly new to treos and the internet. Thanks again for the help.
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    Hi everybody...

    As you can know a lot of GSM phones allow the users to connect to Internet using the GPRS service TROUGH the computer.

    I'm actually living in Costa Rica (Centra America) and my Service Provider has this service enabled but, how can I browse into the internet using my computer with my Treo?

    Can you guys please help me...???

    I will really appresiate your help...!!!
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    Yes, PDANet works great, I have it and love it. Just make sure you have unlimited data coverage on your plan, otherwise it'll get VERY expensive.
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