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    quick story:
    When the fervor began last week, I ordered the treo 600 from Sprint. Did the "paper order". Most of you know what I mean. Called for 2 days to get a tracking number-got the runaround, was sent to different departments. Finally, they tell me that they can't find my order. By this time, Handspring has their offer hitting full swing, so I tell sprint cs to cancel the order that they don't even have in their system. Guess what came via UPS today..........
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    gimmie? givya what?
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    The original phone you ordered from Sprint
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    lol! give? what am i, santa claus?
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    My story was close to this one. I did the 'paper order' thing and after a couple of days I called back and they couldn't find a record of me ordering. I finally got a CSR that actually knew what was going on (mostly) and she ordered the phone for me and offered me several really good discounts. She assured me there was no other order in the system.

    So I get my Treo600 (via UPS) and everything is fine. I get home from work the day after I received my 600 and there is a UPS delivery notice from Sprint on my door. I call that evening and they say nope, no other order was placed. Monday, my wife accepts the UPS package and a severed hand wrapped around a Motorola brickphone. Just kidding. It was a Treo300.

    I call Sprint and they say 'yeah, I see here shipping instructed us to tell you to refuse the package. It was a mistake. Since you already have it, we'll send you a return kit.'

    So, I'll return it but it sure is crazy that after calling multiple times over a period of several days, they had no idea that the order for the Treo300 had been placed until a delivery attempt had been made.
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    the old story of left hand/right hand.

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