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    I can't get mine to work properly and wondered if anyone else had tried.

    I have version 2.5 connection to a Domino IMAP server over SSL.

    I can sync folders but when I try to "get mail" it can never connect and times out.

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    I tried it briefly, I didn't like it. I purchased SnapperMail and I love it.

    I had Versa on my Palm Tunsgten C and like it over Snapper on the C, but on the Treo, Snapper is much better. Maybe it's the lower res screen...

    Sorry I can't give many details, I just had Versa on the Treo very briefly, long enough to know I didn't like it.
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    The only thing that sucks about POP3 is that there is no folder syncronization.

    I agree that SnapperMail is the way to go but they don't support IMAP which is pretty common in the enterprise world and that's what we use for email.

    To bad Snapper Mail.
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    no more sprint, have you tried the tungsten's browser on the treo 600? I am thinking of throwing it on.

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    I tried a version of WebPro (can't remember if it was 3 or V), it worked but I got one crash so I took it off immediately. Since this is a phone, I'm a bit more cautious about any program I think may cause the phone to crash. As a result, I am using Blazer.

    I might try WebPro again later, I had it on my Samsung I500 and it worked well (more or less) and seemed to be much faster than Blazer.

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