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    I've been following the BB for the past couple of days looking for information regarding the "best" deal for a non-300, but current Sprint customer purchase of a 600.

    An earlier post asked the same question, but there hasn't been much response, so I"m asking again.

    So far the most economical deal to me looks like I will simply pay for the cost of the 600 and transfer my existing plan over.

    The $150 "rebate" from Sprint will cost me at least an extra $30 in the first year, and $180 in the second year due to the cost increase of my existing plan.

    I will not defraud anyone with fake 300 serial numbers, nor do I care to spend a bunch of time purchasing a 300 and dickering around with 300 rebates and transfers to the 600 platform.

    I am simply looking for the most economical approach toward acquring a 600 and keeping my existing Sprint plan.

    Any thoughts?
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    until I could take it no longer. I called *2 for the umpteenth time and finally got someone who was willing to work with me. Whereas others CSR's would only give me around $50 off for the phone, she gave me $100 off, plus rolled back my nighttime from 9:00 to 8:00pm, and gave me unlimited PCS to PCS. I figured that's as good as I'm going to get so I ordered the phone, which should arrive in the next few days.

    I'll call back tomorrow to see what the official word is for the new existing customer policy.

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