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    I don't have my T600 yet...but one thing I loved about the T300 was Treo300SMS. Of course, I have read that this software will not work on the T600. Are there any plans by PDAAPPS to update this software for the T600? I have also heard rumors of a new Sprint SMS system being introduced next month? Anyone have any info on this? I suppose if Sprint will finally update their horrible SMS system (all web based) to using software like the GSM version of the phone has, maybe it would be silly to update the SMS software that PDAAPPS wrote? I dunno, just digging for some answers. I suppose I could shoot an email to the folks at PDAAPPS!

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    I've already done this. PDAApps is not sure if it will be worth their time to release Treo600SMS since Sprint has promised to release real SMS next month.

    Personally, I'd pay for it, even for a month, but I can't blame them.
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    if Sprint charges $$$ for SMS (like all carriers do), then wouldn't you just rather stick with Treo600sms using the web based short mail since you have unlimited vision?
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    Is that the rumor? Does sprint plan on charging seperate fees to use this "new" SMS system they plan on upgrading to? And yes, even if they charge a few bucks extra, I would be willing to pay if it was similair to other providers like Verizon, TMobile, etc. But maybe I shouldn't say that out loud, maybe the developers are reading to see if they should charge, or just bundle it with Vision expenses!

    As for PDAAPPS, the upgrade would be a tough thing if Sprint will just upgrade their network anyways in a month. BUT, with potential delays, etc, and depending on the amount of work that would be required to upgrade the code, could make it a wise decision for them to look into it! Also, the new version of SMS that Sprint plans on using may still stink, so perhaps PDAApps could make a more robust client!
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    I would imagine Sprint would charge for SMS similarly to other carriers. Short Mail is unlimited with Vision but it just plain sucks. I'd rather pay $5 a month for a decent bucket of TRUE MO-SMS than have unlimited Short Mail for free. But that's just my opinion. As far as SMS being released in a month, I'll believe that when I see it. Ready Link was originally slated to be released Octiber 5th.
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    October 5th of what year?
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    Originally posted by Maniac8888
    October 5th of what year?
    2003. My point was that things happen and set backs occur. No date is set in stone. So I'll count on SMS when I have it on my plan, not before.
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    Another post somewhere (we're getting out of control, aren't we) said that PDAApps indicated they'd be coming out with a Treo600SMS. I sure do hope so, cuz I have NO faith in Sprint to come out with an SMS service that's worth anything.
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    I'd much rather pay a $20 one-time registration for TreoSMS than pay $60 a year for a bushel of MO-SMS. PDAApps has a truly competitive advantage here, and should take advantage of it.
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    Originally posted by nrosser
    Another post somewhere (we're getting out of control, aren't we) said that PDAApps indicated they'd be coming out with a Treo600SMS. I sure do hope so, cuz I have NO faith in Sprint to come out with an SMS service that's worth anything.
    Yeah, that was ME! I emailed them and they replied that theyr're working on Treo600SMS and will release it shorty...
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    I just got my 600 today, so hooray for that! I am checking out the SMS features of the 600, and it appears that the thing is all ready to rock with some fairly robust SMS features! Things like chat-threads and emoticons and lots of built in integration with your contact list! When you are in your contact list, you have an option below to "message" and then you can compse a message. The phone will let you reply, foward, etc, but when you send, you get a message that says "Sorry, this feature is not yet enabled, you will be sent a text message when this feature becomes available. Until then, use the short-mail from within your web browser....blah blah." Of course, that wasn't word for word, but the essential message that you get. I am being optimistic, but with a message like "you will receive a text message when this feature becomes available" says that Sprint may not plan to charge extra for messaging (keeping fingers crossed). Anyways, the built in SMS program looks pretty nifty! I am really excited about the "chat-thread" because sometimes you can really get lost when you are text message somebody! Hopefully this service will be online quickly.
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