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    I'm a convert from the Treo 300.

    I am constantly setting timed alarms within Datebook/Calendar.

    It used to pop up a window which allowed me to snooze the alarm reminder for 5, 10 or 15 min.

    Now with the keyguard feature it displays the alarm reminder message, but I don't see an option to snooze the reminder.

    Has anyone else noticed this and discovered a solution ?

    The treo 600 is awesome though. So happy I don't have that hinge flip to deal with
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    I have the same habit of snoozing for various lengths of time to put off tasks during the day (which I put on my calendar) that I developed on my Visor then Treo 300. Now it's gone!! Ahhhh!!! I would love suggestions for a workaround here... I am guessing this is a Palm OS 5 "innovation" and not a Handspring thing. Would buying Datebook 5 bring it back?

    So many questions, so few answers...

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    I use Datebk5 and it almost works very well. The 5 way dial will switch to different days, but you need to tap on a time to set an alarm. The problem I have is in the alrms itself. The first alarm stops as long as you hit the keyguard. You can then set the snooze up to I think 24hrs. The big problem is when the alarm is triggered again, it's considered a reminder and you can't shut it only stops when it's done. I happen to set my alarm to play 10 times so when the reminder kicks in, my only option is to hit the mute until the alarm completes it's preocess. I hope a fix is in the workz.
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    Loosing snooze functionality is by far the biggest loss in the Treo 600 I've found so far. Doesn't Handspring have any procrastinators to test for this for these things? I was able to put off things for weeks with the Treo 300 by snoozing every day.

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