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    Does anyone know if XTND synchronization works with the Treo 600? They don't offer a trial.
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    don't know if it works - but have to ask why you want to use it. I hate it - though I have little control as my company has forced it on me. see my rant in the general forum for some comments.

    If I get my treo tomorrow, I should be able to find out in the next day or two.
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    Actually, I hate it as well. However, I'm looking for a synchronization which includes the Outlook inbox (and other email folders, if possible). As far as I can tell, there's Intellisync by Pumatech and XTND out there. Intellisync does not support the Treo 600 yet. So that leaves me with XTND. Or is there anything else I could use without having to get a 3rd party email application such as Versameil or Snappermail?
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    Why can't you just use mail plus to get your inbox mail?
    Pretty sure it was free on the 270
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    I'm currently syncing my work mail w/ XTND & Mail+ on my T600. Did not install the desktop conduits so I can continue to sync my personal stuff to the built-in apps. No 5-way support on the Treo though it does have it on my coworker's Tungsten.

    XTND Version: 3.61.2003.0812
    Mail+ Version: 3.7.2003.0421
    Gregg Ginsberg, P-CLP
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    My comoany provides xtend connect - but disallows any other programs that need admin access to install.

    T270 hotsync can be installed but doesn't work with the T600

    T600 hotsync can't be installed.

    any tips or workarounds?

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