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    I just spoke to my Sprint Corporate rep. The new Version 6 BC Enterprise Edition software will be available for download from the Sprint website on 10/20.

    They have had a lot of problems with people downloading and installing the Business Connection Enterprise Client with the Treo 600. It is incompatible and causes the on/off power cycling and the constant SMS messages with jarbled content. The remedy for these problems is to log on to the Sprint BC EE console and delete your device. This will stop the SMS messages which is how EE pushes email to the client. Then you must delete the BC client from your Treo if you've installed it and this will stop the power cycling.
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    Did they give you any insight on any new functionality of the newer version coming out? Thanks!
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    What about the desktop edition for all of us that do not have it on our servers!
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    While I've heard rumors that the new version would support attachments and wireless calander my account rep has been unable to confirm and new functionality.
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    Thanks termsheet....wireless calendar would be soooo nice...
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    I have heard attachments but *not* wireless calendar....Guess we'll see in about 6 days (hopefully)

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