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    I can consistently reset my Treo by doing the following:

    1. Have a memory card inserted.
    2. Go to Camera and select as the category "Card" so it will save the picture to the SD card.
    3. Snap a picture.
    4. Instead of "Keep", select "Share".
    5. My treo will save the pic but then reboot after saving to SD card.

    If you select Keep instead of share, it will save the picture ok and not reboot.

    I have a Sandisk 256 MB SD card and haven't had any sort of reboot problem, except once with Verichat.

    I plan on picking up a 128 card later today, can anyone see if they can reproduce this.

    I love the Treo 600!
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    Sorry, mine seems to work fine when I follow your steps.
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    I just did a Hard Reset and that seems to have solved the problem. Wish I knew what it was to begin with....
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    Mine resets too.

    However, you cannot share a photo from the SD card anyway, it has to be on the Treo. Performing that function would have given a msg that it can only do that from pics on the main memory.

    it doesn't reboot when I pick share after taking a pic to the treo's memory.
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    It is resetting again. It is not a big deal, like njchris said you can only share pics from internal memory, so you have to move it off the card first.
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    I have the same problem. Whenever I take a picture and choose send instead of save, it soft resets. I'm using versamail as my default mailer. Could this be the problem? How did anyone fix this?



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