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    for the lucky duckies who've already got their treos:

    do you still use yr ipod?

    i live in NYC and take the subway everywhere and my headphones are constantly on. i know the diff bw a hd player like an ipod and a flash player like the treo. my question isn't technical; its behavioral. my question is this:

    (if you carried an ipod before you got yr treo) do you still find yrself carrying the ipod with you? or has the holy grail--no more than ONE little plastic box to clip to yr belt--been found?
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    Bump - good question -

    I don't have an iPod but I'm curious what people say. I have a Jukebox 3, which is a whole different thing ... it doesn't fit on a belt clip. It's best carried in a bag. I had thought about buying an iPod for better portability, but now I'm thinking I'll try using just the Treo instead.

    You may not get a lot of meaningful response to your question yet since the number of people with headset adapters and big SD cards to go with their Treo 600s is still pretty small. My SD card is at my house, I was just told, and my headset adapter should arrive in the mail later this week. If the subject hasn't been thoroughly discussed by then, I'll post my thoughts on Monday or Tuesday about the T600 as an mp3 player.
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    I don't have an IPOD, but I can tell you I've loaded about 4 CDs to a 256MB SD Card plugged in the headset to the stereo adapter and the Treo600 sounds wonderful. I think you can comfortably leave the IPOD behind

    This same card has BackupBuddy on it to fully backup the Treo600. I tested with a hard reset yesterday and it restored everything perfectly.

    Now I've got it all in just one device.
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    256/512mb VS the smallest ipod which is 5gb.

    I think the treo would be great for short trips or just carrying around, but for long trips it can't replace and ipod. The menu system on the ipod is a lot nicer and quicker to find/sort thru songs.

    Just curious, how is battery life on the treo when playing MP3s?

    I still need to pick up and SD card today :/
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    I haven't used the 600 as an mp3 player, only because I have doubts about the sound quality and do not feel like having to transfer different songs everyday to my sd card. I have a creative zen with a 20gig hard drive, 256mb's just isn't going to cut it for me when using it for 4 or 5 hours a day.

    I might just start keeping an all time favorite list of 20 songs to keep with me at all times on the sd card.
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    From my perspective, there is no comparison between the iPod and my T600. They're different beasts.

    My comments are predicated on this fact: the T600 engineers put MP3 capability in there as an afterthought (for good reason, let's pin down this phone functionality first!). As such, the interface, storage capacity, battery life, and sound quality are not geared toward MP3 playback. This is exemplified by the fact that the MP3 software was an afterthought (it's a registration carrot at that, not even bundled!). This is fact, the rest is just my 2 cents.

    First of all, my 10 GB music collection will not fit on the T600. Sure, I can put one playlist/a few cds on an SD card, but I love my iPod's random function, and access to my entire music library is useful for that. I hear songs I have not heard in a long time and rediscover a lot of music that way.

    Second of all, I love my iPod's interface. Very robust, its the only interface out there on a player device that I feel can tame my pretty wild music library, and do it quickly. The superb hardware controls supplement this advantage: tactile controls vs touch screen? I'll take the tactile anyday. Very easy to use.

    Third, intergration with my music management system. I use my Powerbook for my music/personal work and there is nothing like syncing with iTunes, its automagic. Moving music to an SD card is not quite so convenient.

    Finally, the hardware. The iPod wins hands-down here as well, great sound quality, with a great remote, wonderful hardware buttons, great battery life, and upto 40GB capacity. Cost per/MB of music storage == very low.

    Sure, I like being able to use my T600 for music every once in a while, but only as novelty. Carrying headphones, an adapter, and SD, I might as well carry my tiny iPod! Not to mention the gadget street cred you get with those pearly white iPod headphones AND a T600!

    Just my opinion, I'm sure others with other priorities and preferences will disagree. Works for me, though.

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    maybe the diff bw HD and flash based mp3 players are too great for a meaningful comparison. (Damn! i SO wanted one box on my belt!)

    for the lucky duckies (ie t600 AND iPod owners):

    in what situations do you [envision yrself having to] use yr treo for mp3s?
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    Two completely different devices. Yes, I'm getting a 512mb SD card just so I can drop a small number of favorites onto the Treo, but I can't imagine that it could even begin to replace my iPod. 512 mb = a tiny portion of my favorite songs with less than thrilling sound v. 30 gb = most of my collection with good sound in a small package.

    Both devices are great, but are nowhere near interchangable. The iPod has address and calendar functionality - would you drop the Treo to use that once in a while? Didn't think so.
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    Situations? Well, I think I would use my T600 when I'm out cycling. I usually carry cell phone and iPod, but with my T600's increased form factor (coming from a SE T68i), I wouldn't want to carry both in my jersey pockets (I'm also a cycle weight-weenie ). Since the ride is at most 8-9 hours I can carry my spin/cycle mixes on a 512 SD card. A cell phone is a must during long-distance cycling, so the T600 wins solely on this fact.

    Otherwise, it's iPod the whole way (see above post from myself).

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    The iPod has address and calendar functionality - would you drop the Treo to use that once in a while? Didn't think so.

    EXACTLY! thanks for flipping the question.

    for those who have iPods: when do you use the address or calendar?

    i keep my addresses fairly current for those (rare) occasions when i don't have my treo with me.

    HOWEVER: the mp3 capabilities of the t600 are much greater than the PIM capabilities of an iPod. so its not an exact reciprocal situation. the hope is that for day-to-day subway riding, the ipod can be left at home.

    has anyone had any expirience doing this yet?
    using a treo for commute-type listening? how's the battery hold up when the treo's used as a reasonably serious mp3 player?

    again: this is a discussion about the behaviour of the users, not the technical capabilities of the boxes.
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    I have a 30GB ipod and the treo 600... BMUSTAF summed it up perfectly.

    For small emergency situations, the treo 600 will fit in...but very "non-functional" as a true mp3 player.

    But, I suppose if you don't want to buy a true mp3 player, the 600 with a 1GB SD card would get you by.
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    The situation will change a bit once the 4gb SD card is out and cheap, but I guess we will have a 200gb iPod and Treo 800 by then!

    I used to use a CF player with 512MB card. which was much smaller and lighter than ipod, but now use the Casio MP20 camera with mp3 with four 256 SD Cards. This is about half the size of an iPod, and includes a 2MP lens,voice recorder and video recorder!

    Of course it's not as good in terms of ease of synchronisation and nowhere near in terms of capacity, but its good enough for trips lasting less than 6-8 hours.

    Once I get my Treo 600 I will probably not leave the Casio MP20 behind as I can wear a shirt with a small top zip pocket to keep it in along with the headphones.
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    For me I don't use the iPod for anything other than playing music. I am looking forward to having my Treo basically replace my iPod for just about everything. The difference is storage space is not quite the issue for me as it is for most. Even on my iPod I am using only a little more than a Gig. When I get my 512K card tomorrow I plan on making copies of my music at 32kHz/sec. I can probably get around 700 songs on the card. I ran some experiments a few years back. And I could not tell the difference between a sone at 192K and the same song reduced to 32K. This might be due to nerve and eardrum damage from childhood illnesses.

    The main problem I have is that with the display off the interface doesnít work

    I was also looking to use the T600 as a voice recorder, but that doesnít look like itís going to happen real soon.
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    Technically since the iPod uses a hard drive and is affected by shock, wouldn't that mean the Treo would be better suited for activities like running?

    I don't have an iPod but my girlfriend purchased a similar device and I warned her about running with it. Sure enough in the documentation it read that it is not recommended for use while jogging.
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    I've seen a number of joggers and cyclists with iPods or hard drive based mp3 players.

    I guess it just increases the probability of failure a lot.

    Yes, being flashed-based the Treo would be better suited for jogging, skating, cycling etc...
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    i dont have the treo yet.
    i do have a 20 gig ipod.
    i am hot an audiofile.
    i plan to use the treo as an mpg3 player and leave the ipod behind.
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    I thought about buying an iPod before my 600. Then I looked at my usage patterns. It would be mostly on the subway to and from work. At most, three hours a day. You can store that much music on a 256 MB SD card with enough room left over for Palm apps and backups. If anything, I could generate a random sampling of songs to place on my SD card every night.

    IMO, if you listen to MP3s for more than 3-4 hours a day, you can wait for the bigger SD cards (or buy a 512), or just get the iPod.
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    I think 80% of the users can get away with the Treo as their main mp3 player. There's going to be some people who want all their music, but I'd be happy with the 4 hours at 128k sampling on a 256MB card for $55-65. I figure 4 hours is about what a top 40 station plays before repeating, so I don't mind hearing a repeated song after 4 hours if I'm listening to it that much straight (which I probably wouldn't). I can't imagine your subway commute is much more than 2 hours each way, so I think it would be all you need. My commute is about 20 minutes, so I might only need to update my songs weekly or so. I wouldn't classify a commute as a "very small emergency situation" as Hades did, but YMMV.

    Is the interface as good, no? You know it could end up being better if someone wrote software to allow you to search for songs in the same way that you can search for contacts. I don't see how the ipod could let you find a specific song nearly as quick unless you were really super organized with your folders.
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    the two issues i have w replacing my ipod:

    - battery life. why doesn't the treo have a removable battery?!? this seems like such a no-brainer!

    - the smaller size of a flash player isn't a problem in terms of absolute size--god forbid i have to repeat songs after four hours...the benefit of a HD player is the massive amt of choices you have with you at any given tell the truth, i probably listen to the same gig of songs on my 10g ipod most of the time...but i like having the rest there...
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    There are some defenses of the iPod that strike me as more emotional than anything else. Relax, nobody's talking about whether the iPod should be tossed in the trash. Just whether the Treo 600 could be substituted for it on daily commutes and the like.

    My hunch is that the answer's yes for most people. 512 MB is about 130 songs, I'd guesstimate (depending on encoding bitrate and the like). I am planning to create several folders on my PC, each containing different mixes of songs that amount to a little under 512 megs - maybe 50% will be favorites that don't change, and the other 50% will be swapped out. Then when I want to change the selection, I erase the card and drag-and-drop the new folder onto it. With USB 2.0, it should be pretty quick (less than 15 minutes).

    The iPod or devices like it do provide some extra options, but having 130 songs that you can swap out every day if you want is still quite good, and should be more than sufficent for daily use. I'd still want an iPod or something else with a big hard drive for trips, though.

    I use my Powerbook for my music/personal work and there is nothing like syncing with iTunes, its automagic. Moving music to an SD card is not quite so convenient.
    I can't image that it's much more convenient than drag and drop onto the card via a USB or firewire card reader ...

    Sure, I like being able to use my T600 for music every once in a while, but only as novelty. Carrying headphones, an adapter, and SD, I might as well carry my tiny iPod!
    You can get headphones that collapse into a case about the size of a tin of Altoids. It's annoying to also have an adapter, but they are tiny - could be left plugged into the phone, or MIGHT fit in the headphone case. The card will be in the Treo so that's not an extra thing to carry. If you took the iPod, of course, you'd have to carry headphones anyway. It's less to carry with just the Treo no matter how you slice it.
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