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    You need to either buy a headphone adapter for $6 plus shipping, or you need to wait for the Handspring headphones that are designed to work with the 2.5mm plug.

    I may buy the Handspring headphones just so I don't have to worry about losing the adapter.
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    Originally posted by johnevers1
    Hi Derek985,

    thanks, this is great and clear stuff.
    Yes, Win 95 is old, my PC at work has XP, but all of us lost admin rights. Will buy a new PC.

    Two more questions:
    1) do you need to buy another headphone?
    2) how is the quality? suffcient enough I guess?

    Cheerio, John
    1) you need a stereo headphone adapter (handspring sells this little bugger on thier accessories page) and a set of headphones
    2) I think the quality is really good! It souds as good if not better than dedicated MP3 players I've owned in the past.
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