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    I got it finally. It's charged up, working and just fab !!

    Only problems are :

    1) Where's the full version of Docs to Go ? - all I have is the Excel and Word viewer. Don't tell me the UK only gets the viewers.

    2) This things definitely going to get dropped. It's so small and slippery that it's only a matter of time. It needs a 'proper' case not just a pouch type thing.

    3) The keyboard's wierd. I had a Tungsten W and it feels smaller than that and feels strangely plasticky (??) to touch.

    4) No PDF Manual on CD - just a URL to download area.

    5) The screen seems to stripe vertically slightly everytime you get text or a button on screen. Is this normal ?

    6) Where's the MP3 (multimedia) player?

    Otherwise it's just great.

    Gotta go. More playing to be done.
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    Where did you get yours? How much?
    Did you get a free SD card?

    The mp3 player has to be downloaded after you register with Handspring.

    Do you have to register Documents to Go to get an upgraded version?

    You will get used to the keyboard soon enough.
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    1) It only comes with the viewer

    3) Give it time.

    5) I've seen something like that, but am not sure if this is normal.

    6) Register thru the link on the CD, and you can choose to download PTunes.
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    Bought it from Global Mobile 145 inc VAT on Talk 200.
    (01327) 301667 - maybe worth ringing them.

    Streaking has vanished - I adjusted contrast and it went ! DOH!

    Still getting used to it .Games like Bejeweled dont look too good on this machine - graphics seem to look a LOT more crude on games. Apps dont seem to suffer though.

    The camera doesn't seem to be too bad - it's no Nikon but it's ok for playing around with!

    Oh yes, I did get the 32mb card with it. Rather had a cradle or decent case though.
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