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    I am new to the Treo family. I hotsynced just now it did everything except for my inbox in outlook. I want to store the emails from work so how do I do it. Any help will be appreciated. Do I need another software for that?? If so what kind and any suggestions on which is preferred.
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    I've been searching for days for the same solution but haven't found how to do it yet! I feel like it is surely possible. Maybe someone would give detailed instructions?
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    Palm has removed the outlook inbox conduit from the hotsync software. I sync my inbox using Eudora internet suite. It is a freeware application that adds a conduit to the hotsync software. Unfortunately it is no longer supported. But it works!!
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    Inbox to Go does this. It's included with Docs To Go by DataViz. Not to be confussed with Inbox to Go Wireless.
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    Weird mine does it automatically, I just set outlook as the source for my hotsynching.
    When you use Chapura settings you should see the list of programs with which you are hotsynching, just choose one ask modify and change the program you want to exchange with. Anyways, that's how I do it. Works fine.
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    Wex: Does it sync the inbox. If it does do not loose the software it is worth quite a bit as it is the only copy I know of that does this.


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