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    If you checked your order status and it said "failed" don't be alarmed.

    I talked to HS this morning when I saw mine was failed. They initially placed a new order. HS called me back to let me know they had a system problem, but the orders are still being processed.
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    Just talked to Chad, x20008 at HS CS. His first 10 out of 11 calls were about this failed order status.

    He checked mine and ALL IS GOOD (famous last words, but I believe him and his lips were moving). The warehouse used a wrong code (affecting many 10/09 and 10/10 orders) and it kicks back a failed order. He said my order is fine and should ship very soon. They are correcting all of these "failed order" and you should expect to see it correct later today or Wed a.m. If you see Authorization Failed, that's bad...must call in. Otherwise, try to be patient...they are swamped.

    I hope this helps!
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    Phewww... When I got in this morning and saw that "Failed Order", I rolled up my sleeve and about to raise hell with HS but they gave me the same explanations as you guys
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    There's another thread concerning failed orders within the customer service link. It looks like we're all in the wait and see mode.
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    I just rechecked my order status and it said "Order Failed." but then I just check it and it said "Credit Card Approved." I guess they are fixing the problem rather quickly.

    I'm sure things are fine.
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    I too had a failed order this morning...I just checked HS site for an update (as I've done every 3 minutes this morning) and...

    I'm back to "Credit Card Approved" status. I guess that's good news.
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    My order switched to CC approved, too. We are back on track.
    Bruce in Belle Harbor
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    Mine says, "Awaiting Shipment". I haven't had any weird messages pop up yet. I ordered this past Friday, Oct 10! Let's see how long I have to look at "Awaiting Shipment"
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    I ordered 10/9, got my confirmation email, and went through the same song and dance as everyone else. 9 am showed credit card approved. Just got an email from HS confirming my order. Huh????
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    Originally posted by zoomer777
    Mine says, "Awaiting Shipment". I haven't had any weird messages pop up yet. I ordered this past Friday, Oct 10! Let's see how long I have to look at "Awaiting Shipment"

    you and I are in the same situation, I am going to give them a call and confirm if its going out today or not, just so I know someone should be home on a certain day. Ordered on the 10th and it now says "Awaiting Shipment" I'll post back and let you know what's up.
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    Me too! Failed order to Credit Card Approved. Ordered via phone 10/09 5pm
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    Ok. Got off the phone with Handspring... took about 2 seconds for them to pick up, I was shocked because I figured they'd be swamped and what not.

    At anyrate, it is probably going to get picked up by Fed Ex by 1:30 this afternoon. Good stuff...

    On a side note, I went to the Sprint store on my lunch... checked out the 600... WOW. That's all that needs to be said. It is just a good all around device.
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    Ordered 10/9, This went from c-card approved to order failed and back. I just got an order confirmation e-mail. It seems like people who ordered later are getting shipping notifications. WTF? Did those of us w/ "Failed Orders" just get bumped to the back of the line?
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    quist-that's my concern as well; no one's saying.........I ordered mine 10/0 at 9 CST and people who ordered after me have been receiving theirs. very unsettling.
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    that's 9 a.m. CST
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    Originally posted by Bomeyer
    Me too! Failed order to Credit Card Approved. Ordered via phone 10/09 5pm

    Order Status:
    Awaiting Shipment
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    I placed my order on 10/09/2003 10:44:01 AM CST for the Treo 600 and Stereo Headphone Adapter with a different shipping address than my billing address. Like many other people, my order status became "Order Failed". Before I could call support the next day, the status had already advanced to the next step. (We now know there was a glitch in the system at Hanspring.)

    Currently I have been stuck on "Awaiting Shipment" for over 24 hours. I called support and they answered immediately. I asked them to check to see if there was a problem with the order because it was stuck on "Awaiting Shipment" and was put on hold. The representative would periodically come back and apologize for the wait and ask me to continue to hold. After only a few minutes (less than 10), she came back and stated the order would be shipped today and someone in shipping would call to let me know the information to save me from having to call back.

    I wonder if the orders placed on the 9th and 10th got misplaced or stuck when the status became "Order Failed"?

    We will see if I get that call and a tracking number.

    (The representative was very polite, at least.)

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