(1) With a Treo 600 GSM handset will I be able to access most web pages (http)?

This page on Cingular's site mentions something about WML being required. I have a feeling this only applies to their regular phones and not PDA/phone combos like the Treo.

Can I access every site on the World Wide Web?
No, the microbrowser in the GPRS/WAP enable handset can only access sites that are in WML (Wireless Markup Language) Wireless Markup Language allows for formatting Web data for the small screens of certain handsets.

(2) Lastly, Cingular mentions 2 features: (a) Wireless Internet Express (limited areas only) and (b) Wireless Internet. I don't plan on buying a Cingular-branded Treo 600, just a generic, unlocked version from Handspring. Will I need any special software to use Wireless Internet Express or Wireless Internet from Cingular. I am not a heavy user so the $20/month unlimited Internet with T-Mobile is overkill for me. I'd rather go with a per-kb usage charge much like I'm currently doing with Sprint and my Treo 300.