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    On my treo 300 I was able to set the "speed dial" now "favorites as the default start up screen. Anyone know how to do it on my Treo 600? By the way it's the MF'n Cat's ***!
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    All i want is my favorites menu on start up. Any suggestions. If not possible then Handsprings screwed the pooch IMO.
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    Not possible. And yes, major mistake of HS. Somebody will fix it sooner or later...
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    for people that like to start where they left off like I do. I have my 300 set to do nothing (open last app) when i open the flip. It's beginning to seem like there are more than a few differences from previous Treos but most so far I could live with. My two cents.
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    I think Mossberg told them they missed the boat on that one and Handspring is either going to fix it down the line in a ROM roll, or release an app for it. Of course I would put my money on someone beating them to the punch...


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