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    Always knew them Dam' Yankees exaggerated things......
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    Originally posted by jamesjgross
    I snapped this one of the city skyline out the window of my plane -- to show the quality of this camera.
    That's so funny. Looks like Las Vegas at Christmas time.
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    Originally posted by j$hort
    You guys really suck....showing off your pics to a GSM dude waiting for the Treo 600 GSM to become available.

    Seriously, I'm jealous. ..and the pics look great. My early vote for best yet would be for zipdrive007

    Flight from Tucson to Houston

    I think a thread like this should be a permanent feature on these boards...keep them coming...and continue to make me cry as I count down another day awaiting for HS to open up ordering of the GSM version.

    You guys are killing me....
    Cool! I need to try my '600 the next time I do the Tucson/Houston trip.
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    Treo 600 at the World Series
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    Nothing special, just some Bourbon.
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    Treo 600 - TT3, hp2215, G1000, nx70v, Treo300, jornada 568, palmIIIxe
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    I took this picture of my mom's crashed Lexus RX 300.

    And you know, having a camera out there when you need it can be a powerful thing! Like for legal things and such!

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    Thanks for the idea to begin this thread. It's fun looking at the photos! Here's one from a grocery store.
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    The people at are offering a free 32MB SD card with every T600 purchase. How many images will that hold ? Is that a good deal ?

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    For a phone most of the pics are pretty good. For a camera generally they suck.

    A proposal for any inventors out there, why not have a flash gun as an SD card. Something with a 10 to 15 foot range for occassional use. Charging it from the phone could drain the battery quickly but I'm sure that someone with more electronics nous than me could sort that. Looking at the size of flashguns fitted to the likes of the Exislims I'm sure an SD card could work.
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    Come on, this one HAS to win!

    - Jon
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    How about this one???
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    a little off topic here.. but since everyone is *****ing about its being a low res camera.....

    I'm still waiting for my phone order to come in.. *patiently.. right.. yeah.. patiently* but seems to me that it's about the same quality as my first digi cam back when they only came in 640x480.. and i was able to take lots of interesting pics w/ that one.....

    but here are some pics taken w/ what
    Farrell Eaves calls his magic camera

    and here's an article w/ the story of how his digi cam took those pics....

    seems the guy dropped the camera in a lake.. and after carefully drying it for days.. he's now got a dali cam.. which takes diffrent surreal pics everytime he shoots....

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    Man on the run
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    San Diego is absolutely on Fire today. Over 80,000 acres so far.

    This is a picture I just took outside of my home with my Treo 600 of what the sky looks like. It's like out of a movie.
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    Hehe, contribution from my baby Noodle
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    Originally posted by speedy_j
    Hehe, contribution from my baby Noodle
    I'm sure we're all relieved that the camera doesn't have either a zoom or macro lens!
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    OK, just got my phone yesterday. All the pics I have taken inside are really bad (lots of blue tint & dots in them), however when I started taking pics outside in daylight I was amazed at how good it could do for what it is. Here's my contribution - I'm really please with it and I'm a really picky person!
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    I just started a photoblog using by Treo shots:

    The Journeys of Art V.
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    California isn't the only place with wildfires right now.
    That's northwest of Denver about 35-40 miles.

    We've had wind gusting over 70mph from the west all day today feeding two wildfires.

    Anyway, I have a real Treo question here, which is..
    What's a decent free or low cost photo viewer for the Treo that'll work in conjunction with the built in photo manager and display these images at a better quality (and larger size)? I thought the above image came out ok for a CMOS camera with no appreciable dynamic range once it made it to the web, but it looks *terrible* on the phone's photo manager. I'd delete every photo taken if I based my decisions on what it looks like on the screen. I emailed it to someone from the phone praying that it didn't look as horrible as it did on the screen. Then I called em up.. (them: "Ya.. looks great.. love the colors and contrast" me: "I'll take your word for it")

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    Saw this and just had to snap it...
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