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    is that chicago?
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    Was at the Mall today with the family and look who I bumped into....
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    This was taken this morning at 8 a.m. on the Seattle waterfront. I'm getting better and better at getting good stuff out of this camera...

    All of my shots are collected at my Treo 600 photo journal. The earlier ones were absolutely before I got the hang of it.
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    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    While on a bike ride I said to my wife, "Sure wish I had the camera". Then I remembered about my Treo 600 in my pocket. Even my luddite wife was impressed!

    Here's my moblog. I've attached the shot that won her over.

    All shots were uploaded with my Treo 600.
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    Clemson spanks #3 FSU 26-10 in the 5th Annual Bowden Bowl!!

    View from southeast upper bowl. 84000 fans packed the stadium and about 3000 rushed the field:

    Go Tigers!!!

    (and thank you Treo 600 for being there to capture this moment, albeit fuzzy. ;-))

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    My new Rott Pup...
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    Hi there,

    I have a quick question to you camera folks. Sorry if this is a bit off-topic. My mom recently bought a Zire 71, and I got to play with its camera a little. Suffice to say, I found it AMAZING. Even in low-res, with no flash, etc., I was addicted to it. Having not had the chance to play with a t600 yet, would you guys say the camera is about the same, MUCH worse, or MUCH better than the Zire's? Hopefully some of the people that have been exposed to both can help. Please, I'm not looking for a how-much-the-camera-sucks rant, or a treo-vs-zire rant, etc. All I wanna know is how their cameras compare, if possible.

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    Without having seen the Zire I can tell you this. The camera on the Treo 600 takes pretty decent pictures in good lighting. NOT GREAT. You will not look at these pictures and say WOW!, but you will say neat. With no flash the camera on the phone is severly limited. That means no pictures in the dark or be prepared to guess what you just took a picture of.

    Do I hate the camera on the Treo, no. I like it. It takes good pics in the daytime and I expected no more of it. If I want added functionality I will be buying a camera that accepts SD memory and use that to take pictures.
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    As a Yankees fan...this made the camera worth it!
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    Just took a picture of a visitor in my garden!!


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    Sorry picture didn't go with the mail
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    Taken about 10 minutes before sunset.
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    ...and here would be the actual photo
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    Kensington Gardens on an Autumn Saturday
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    This is just north of Paddington, in London.
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    There's no contest anymore.

    P.S. I had to do crazy espionage to get this shot without the person noticing.
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    This is just plain cruel
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    Treo Moblog:
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    Looks pretty good when pointing directly into the sun.
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    This first is from atop Mauna Kea, the highest point in Hawaii and widely considered the best site in the world for observatories.
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    This is Green Sand Beach.
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