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    I am typing on the Treo now. Getting quicker with the thumboard as I use it. All I can say is that any picture that you have seen of this device does not do it justice. It is beautiful, and functional. If you are thinking of getting one, go find one to play with/look at and you will be hooked.

    I love this device and to all the doubters, don't criticize the unit until you use it first-hand. The screen is great and easy to read. I will write more when I have more time impressions on the Treo after I have more time with it.
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    'don't judge until you've seen it' - that is a refrain that I've been echoing to all the naysayers on this board since way back in June, when I held one and broke the news about the 600. Indeed, for just about everyone who sees one and uses it, FEELS it (careful there), they see the overall wow factor.
    And in a cruel twist of irony, I still don't HAVE MINE.
    Moral here - judge not until you have it in your hand.
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    I agree...had a chance to see one at a SPrint store when they were just released. They had not even put one up on display yet. I liked it then....and when mine arrived at my door step...i was even more overwhelmed!.... Took it to work today and started taking pics all over the place.....they did not know what Iwas doing....until I emailed about 30 pictures that i took to all of them. They were like when did you do this??....WHen I broke out the T600... you could see the jaws drop. "That's a phone..and a PDA?.....with a camera?......It's so small".......Everybody wanted to hold it......touch it...."feel" it. Handspring has just changed the term convergence. And with other carrier yet to start selling's gonna start a revolution!!!!!

    GO TREO600!!


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