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    I have to ask this.....

    Don't have the treo yet. But his has been bugging me. I know the unit is designed for better one hand operation. But moving the application keys and D-Pad ABOVE the keyboard seems like it would be difficult to type at the very bottom of the unit, one or two hands.

    What are your impressions about that? Does it feel like you are holding onto the bottom and it wants to slip out of your hands?
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    I've been going back and forth on this issue myself. For comfortable 5-way operation, the treo rides up fairly high in my hand, really resting on my fingers at an angle and not on the palm. It is possible but not comfortable to then reach the bottom rows of the keyboard with one's thumb. For serious typing, I switch over to a two-handed grip. This way, I find the treo riding up on the first three fingers very lightly. In many respects, the increased weight of the 600 helps keep it balanced in the hands.

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