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    Why is my email not working? Thanks.
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    I just finished changing over to Visto mail and went through the relatively easy set-up on my Treo 600. I immediately sent out an e-mail and my friend received it. What problem are you having because my Visto mail is working fine?

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    I just set it up. It's now working. Why did it take so long? However, I am now worried about leaving the mail on the server as I have a desktop and laptop. When I transfer the PST file over, I will get duplicate emails. Btw, do you know of a good inbox program such as office for the Palm? Thanks.
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    IT'S NOT WORKING! It says server error 101. Please help. Thanks.
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    send an e-mail to Visto support - they should be able to help.
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    I hope your Visto mail has started working correctly by now.

    Concerning your question about mail programs, the two that come to mind are SnapperMail and Iambic's Agendus Mail. I am sure there are others. I do not use either one of these so I am not sure if they would perform the specific tasks you need.


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