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    > ...Your attempt to smear Handspring twice with the same brush
    > by insinuating a >60% T600 defect rate (31 defects / 50 sold) is
    > pathetic even for you.

    Your skirt is showing, pdw-etc.

    I typed absolutely nothing about defect rates.
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    I ordered last Thursday (10/09) at 11:00 a.m. I just received my "Your Order Shipped" email, but it said my $5.99 headphone jack shipped and NOT the Treo. It said that the Treo is backordered and that I won't be charged any extra shipping fees when it goes out.

    Seems that they are indeed out of phones, not lacking shipping dept. folks. Someone mentioned in the upgrade thread that they were manufacturing the phones and the would ship out on Wednesday. Since they got to my order, and shipped out the jack but not the phone, seems like that may indeed be the case.
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    I also received a shipped confirmation on the headphones adapter and "backordered" on the phone.

    I called HS and they said it wasn't "backordered" -- they had units in the warehouse -- and that the shipping dept. simply entered the wrong codes just like they did for all those people who received "failed" orders.

    They are "backlogged" not "backordered" -- basically, shipping is overwhelmed and can't keep up. The CS REP told me it would be shipped mid to late this week.
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    I went with FedEx saver because I assumed it would go out last Friday and Overnight wouldn't benefit me much over the weekend. Do you think the "backlogged" phones will go out overnight, even if we chose saver? (I'd thought about calling to change it, but they may not let that they are footing the fee).

    Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the wrong code was entered and our phones show up with the headphone plug. If they have the phones in stock and are simply having trouble filling orders, why would they lose money by filling partial orders?! It doesn't make sense. That, along with the fact that some people who ordered on Friday are receiving their phones today. Maybe they entered the wrong code and the phones went out?
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    I hope they don't hook you up with Free overnight shipping, otherwise, why did I pay the extra for it?
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    The phone must be backordered and not "backlogged" as some CS reps were stating. I did indeed receive only the headphone jack phone. I guess they're producing those and they'll ship out tomorrow (Wednesday). Oh well.
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