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    As you can see we have made an attempt in good faith to reship your order based on your word that you had not received the first case. The second case was shipped, as requested, using USPS Global Tracking and you have the tracking number.
    Obviously this is out of our control once it is shipped, but we have credited your account and cancelled your order as requested in your last email. We have found that UPS is a more reliable service for Worldwide Shipments.

    Bellagio did everything you had asked, but we cannot control USPS shipments, other than to file a claim with the postal service.
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    Just received my Flip Style MOD. "C" Leather case for the T600. Got it customized with the "brandy" colored leather with a black leather front flap. Beautiful creation really. It took about a month because of the customization.

    This case does many things right in my opinion. All the proper cutouts for everything, cradle-friendly, IR friendly, charge it and use headphones at same time, while adjusting the volume buttons on the side, etc. It also is a sturdy piece and I suspect it would protect the Treo like chain-mail body armor. But that level of protection is also its downfall..... While it is a very high-end piece, and looks beautiful and would protect the Treo very well, I don't believe it to be the best case for my needs for the following reasons:

    1. Its huge. It adds significant thickness and bulk.
    2. Can't feel the vibration-mode even if I cram it in my pocket.
    3. Leather is excessively thick. You almost need to break in the folding strap like a baseball glove. I'm currently looking for some linseed oil and will be folding the case and storing it between my mattress and boxspring to ensure the flap actually folds and the magnetic closure does its job. Not really but I should consider it.
    4. Belt clip does not offer positioning ala the Treo OEM case with clicking positioning. Great for when you want the phone in horizontal position while sitting/driving or whatever.
    5. Somewhat awkward to use the phone with the big heavy flap.
    6. Decrease in ability to hear callers because the upper protective bar near the earpiece keeps ear off surface of phone.

    I'll give it a few more days of practice but I suspect I'll be taking advantage of Bellagio's 30 day refund policy. The search for the most utilitarian case continues....any suggestions?
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