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    Sometimes when I open the lid of my Treo a white empty screen shows up for about
    three seconds and then it goes normally to my speed dials. The problem is that
    it stays frozen for about 1-2 minutes. It is like it's searching for something or it is sorting something. During this time nothing works; no hard buttons no speed dial, nothing.
    After this time it woks fine until it goes into the slee pmode again.

    I made a hard reset and it doesn't work either, even before a sync. When I make a system reset (press up button and reset it) it seems like it works.
    I run the GPRS upgrade about six month ago and never had problem with it. How can I upgrade the firmware or delete some preinstalled files?

    Thanks for your help.

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    What 3rd party software do you have installed? Especially, what network/phone type software?
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I use Cingular through GPRS and the service is called: Wireless Internet Express.
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    Almost forgot; no third party stuff that I know of, because after the hard reset there should only be the original palm software. Right?
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    First the strange lockup behaviour. When the Treo 270 finds SMS messages on the SIM card, it downloads them to the Treo. This is what causes the Treo to lock up for a few minutes.

    On removing excess apps. I use the Jack Flash suite. I pulled out the non-english files and created a rom drive with the extra space. Added in all the prc files for wireless pqas and I have a GPRS palm VII! Or I can use the space to permanently install other prc files.

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