Just got it an hour ago, and called four Sprint reps to get a service credit for signing on for another year. All failed because I was a previous Sprint customer except for this http://www.handspring.com/promos/tre...t_promo.jhtml. And I had a Treo 300 so I don't know if I was supposed to get that.

Hmmm, wish I didn't have to wait two hours for Pocket-tunes. Hmmm, wish it worked from main memory, because I can't run out to get an SD card, now that I have it. Hmmm, my friend is going to be upset he didn't purchase the headphone adapter becuase he probably thought you could play out of the box.

Enough with the music, I'll suppose I'll hear that later. Hmm, doesn't seem to be a car charger like I got with the Treo 300. Guess when I sell T300 on ebay it won't include that.

I was expecting it to be heavier for some reason. Doesn't seem to be too bad.

It's easier for me to use with my left hand I think due to the weighting of it. I'm normally a righty. Not a big deal, but odd.

Keyboard -- I like it. I think it's as good as the T300 with the dome things.

Web (Blazer) -- finally lives up to it's name. Darn it's quick. Maybe it's just that the wheel spins faster though. CNET.com bandwidth meter clocked me at 54Kbs or typical dial-up speed.

I called a couple of people and I have a couple more dead spots in my home that I didn't have before. My home would work on zero bars with the Treo 300.

Screen resolution appears better because it's brighter and smaller. I say appears because it's not really. I'm also coming from the T300 screen, so that's what I have to compare it to.