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    This thing is so cool and I don't even have it charged yet. It's tiny, yet the keys seems to be fine on the keyboard (I have not typed with it, but I tried (pretended) too, and I didn't seem to "fat finger' anyting) I'll let ya know when i get it charged up.

    It's a little dence, but that makes it fell solid IMHO!!! The weight is blanced so it fells really good and secure in one hand.

    Also, I thought the 5-way (5-D) navagation was like a joy stick. NO, it's a moving bezel and the middle part is enter, very slick. I can't wait to power it up.

    Feels realy good held up to my ear as well, not as comberson as the T300.

    The SD/IO is flush when a card is in.

    I think I may have found my kwam........

    I'll keep you posted
    (as if the 100 other posts about this are not enough ..LOL)

    Reagrds, matt

    OK, if I HAD to find something that I was not 100% about, it woud be that the silver icons are hard to read on the dark background (the silent or ring for example), could be the lighting I am in, and that same button is hard to switch.
    There is also a slight dark area above the Flip icon, but it seems to belong there, or doesn't look bad if it's not. Is it a photocell for dark use?
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    wrong forum einstein lol.....i felt the sameway when i got my 600 about a week or 2 ago.
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    Well do you see how excited I am, i click the wrong dang forum...
    So I aint the sharpest knife in the drawer...LOL

    To add to that, the little dark area that I saw, Well that was an "ID ten T" error (*****). It's where the LED is ROFLMAO....
    I tell ya what.....
    It came right on when I pluged the charger in. I was playing with the rihg tones, sounds like a million bucks!!!

    hey Mr. Moderator, can you do me a favor and more this to the correct area..Thanks
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    got the phone working today in less then 30 minutes,even with Vision
    Gotta like it...
    THe connection is very fast, a lot faster then my T300 has been. It load very quickly too.
    I do like the key board, it seems as good as the T300's

    Regards, Matt
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    I seem to make LESS typing mistakes with the T600 keyboard then I did on the T300. Go figure, I don't know if it's the raised buttons, the correction algorithm, or the combanation of the two, but WOW. :shortcut:

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