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    Originally posted by treoneo
    these designers obviously don't design for practicality. how annoying.
    and how else would you stick the antenna through?

    how else would you plug the headphones?
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    I bought a nutshell for my treo 300, I have a job that requires a little more protection for my phone. When I got my treo 600, I put it into my nutshell case and perfect fit.......until I added a SD card. now most of the time when I remove the phone I eject the card. Bummer!
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    I found a great T600 belt-loop case for $15 at the Cingular kiosk at the mall. It's much like the horizontal case from Nokia with three differences: (1) leather belt loop as opposed to clip; (2) elastic side panels that conveniently expose the T600's headset jack; and (3) no Nokia emblem on the velcro flap. If you wear the case on your left side, the T600's screen will be facing the proper direction when you take it out to use it.

    The box said Cellular Innovations. However, when I went to their website:, and clicked on cases, the picture of the "Leather Phone Pocket" case doesn't show the great elastic side panels very well. It also says it has a magnetic lock tab -- mine closes nicely with velcro. To make matters worse, you can't order from their website! I think it's size medium -- the one that fits the Kyocera 7135 -- since Cellular Innovations doesn't list the Treo.

    I've used this case for a week now and it's the best case I've ever had -- and I've tried plenty over the years. The belt-loop feature puts my mind at ease as I've had a belt-CLIP case fall off on rare occasions. The horizontal orientation doesn't get in the way as much as does a case with a vertical orientation. The leather is of good quality yet isn't so thick that it's bulky.

    For those who wear a belt, get this case if you can find it. IMO, you'll love it!
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