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    Just got my treo 600, and noticed that the charger is not like their old one that has the folding prongs. Luckily, i got 2 of the older versions. But, the folding prongs are definately better for traveling.
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    My 600 hasn't shipped yet but the lack of folding prongs is enoyugh to say that the charger "sucks"? I've found that the folding prongs can be a pain sometimes when I'm trying to plug the charger in. If this is the worst sin of ommision by the Treo designers, that's great news.
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    HI Bob,

    I think it sucks, i never have a problem trying to plug it in. The upside is, well its my only complaint.
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    For those that travel with both their Treo (any model) and a laptop, you may want to check out the Juice power system from iGo .

    You end up with one "brick" that has interchangeable cables. To one end of the brick you attach a cable that goes to a power source. It comes with a wall outlet cable and a combination cord that is used to plug into both cigarette lighters (for cars & some planes) and the proprietary plug many airlines (all except American?) use.

    Into the other end you attach a cable that fits your laptop. The laptop cord also has a small nub on it into which you can plug yet another cord. The third cord goes to a Treo (or whatever phone or PDA you wish). The brick, power source cords and the cord for your laptop are one price. The extension that plugs into your phone or PDA is an additional cost.

    The best part is that you can charge both your laptop and Treo at the same time, from any of the three possible power sources.

    I used to haul around both phone and wall chargers for my Treo and a wall charger for my laptop. On long car trips I would also haul an adapter that let me plug my laptop into the cigarette lighter. Finally, I had a special plug for my laptop to use on airlines that use the priopriatary plug under the seat instead of a cigarette lighter style plug. Now I'm down to one system and it does all of these things.

    I purchased the main unit several months ago and picked up the Treo adapter about 6 weeks ago. Works like a charm, and it's a lot less to haul! I leave the cords that came with my laptop and Treo in my office so it's easy to plug in when I'm there and keep the Juice system in my laptop bag--which also means I never forget to bring it with me.
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    I just went and looked at iGo's web site. The Juice model I've been using is fine if your laptop needs 70 volts (like mine). However, some newer laptops need 90 (some of Dell's at a minimum). iGo is bringing out a model for those devices, but the website makes it look like it is announced but not yet shipping.

    FYI: I make no money or receive any other consideration from iGo. I just like their product based on my own use of it.
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    Where do you get the Treo tip for Juice? I have the PPS, but IGo support told me they don't make a tip for the 600 yet. IGo's site is very confusing, and they appear to have abandoned Juice support in favor of their newer model.

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