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    Has anyone else been having issues accessing sites that require SSL? I have been trying for the past couple days and I can't access any of my on-line banking stuff. I know that the bank's site is working because I can access it from my regular computer, but with both Blazer and Pocketlink on my T600 it either doesn't respond or gives me an "unknown SSL exception". Is it possible that it's a problem with Sprint's network (the rest of my Vision functionality is working fine), or is it with my phone? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    on a couple of threads that they have successfully logged on to BofA and WellsFargo. So it's not a network problem, maybe a setting in Blazer or software conflict. Good luck.
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    I read the threads about people being able to access BofA, but I'm not sure that means it's still not a network issue. Is it possible that part of the network may be functioning properly while another area is not. I know that some people are having problems with cookies (I'm having the same issue, by the way) while others aren't. I don't know that much Sprint's network, but is it possible that the two are related?

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