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    Anyone find other skins for Pocket Tunes? All the ones on their site are 320 x 320 and don't appear to work on the 600. The brushed metal is kind of dull.
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    "kind of"?? It looks like they went out of their way to make if blurry and dull.

    I was about to start making my own, but hopefully there are some out there for lo-res devices.
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    Found this response from Normsoft in the Yahoo group mentioned on the Pocket Tunes Website:

    "There is one skin included with Pocket Tunes 2.0.4 (the most recent version) called BrushedMetalLowRes.pdb that will work on the Treo 600. We are hoping that others will design additional skins for the Treo 600 as it becomes more popular.

    Take care,
    Tim Norman
    NormSoft, Inc."

    Well, I have no idea how to make new skins so I hope those who do, will make some soon and post them. The Brushed Metal skin can certainly use some polishing!!!
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    FYI, I downloaded the updated version of Pocket Tunes tonight and re-installed brushed metal. It's been updated slightly. Still not great, but I like it better anyway.

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