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    My Treo 600's To Do list keps acting up. I am having a problem getting it to hold categories, due dates, and priorities. I enter a setting and it then disappears. Without going inot the specifics, I called Sprint and they did not know what was going on with the issue. They told me to call Handspring.

    I called Handspring and the guy gave me a few pieces of information, but it did not really solve my problem. He said that the differences from the wy my Treo 300 worked was due to Palm OS 5. He suggested that I check out the Palmgear site for FAQs and the like.

    It's really irritating. For example, after I change an item, it automatically throws me to the bottom of the list so that I have trouble locating the item that I have changed.

    Has anyone had any similar problems? More importantly, does anyone know where I may go to find out information to allow me to solve the problem and to learn the new way of working on the To Do list??

    Thank you.
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    go to your hot sync icon , right click it, go to custom click it, go to to do list and make sure its checked handheld overwrites desk top. don't set it as your default. it sounds like it may be set for desk top overrights hand held. i hope this helps.

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