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    The phone works great for me. The only problem that I have is that I tried to send a picture to another sprintpcs account holder with the picturemail functionality. It would prompt me for a password and then would get stuck in a loop...continually asking me for a password and not sending the picture. Anybody else have this problem? I never had this problem with my old sanyo 8100 and I didn't know if this is related to the present SMS problems with the Treo600.

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    I don't know why that would happen, when I tried sending a pic, I put in the password I created awhile ago and it worked fine.
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    The same thing happened to me. I was using the wrong password. I emailed the password to myself via and all was well.
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    I sent three today. When I first did it, it asked me to set up a password. I did it and it worked - no loop.
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    Isn't anyone worried about getting a surprise on their next bill for the PictureMail usage? Is that included in the unlimited Vision package? I'm on the $10/mo plan from last October.
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    thanks guys. I got it working now. I emailed my old password (that i forgot and set up a long time ago) and got it working. I was originally afriad this was a problem due to the little SMS snaffu...glad to know it is not.

    Thanks again.

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    As far as I know, they won't charge you extra if you have the old $10 vision package! if they do, you can fiqht it.

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