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    In Stephen Manes' review in Forbs magazine he says:

    The Treo's nonremovable battery is surprisingly long-lived--particularly in the GSM model. In my tests it managed a whopping 384 minutes of talk time--nearly 6 1/2 hours. The Sprint version lasted only 224 minutes--about 3 3/4 hours. An external add-on battery is promised as a $60 option for big talkers.
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    UGH! The battery life for the cdma version looks terrible from those tests...
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    yes it does, but compared to the 300 battery life it's still great
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic
    UGH! The battery life for the cdma version looks terrible from those tests...
    I don't think 3.75 hours is exactly terrible, but comparing it to the GSM version makes it look low. And this is actual use, not a spec written somewhere!
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    I'm gonna hold out for unlocked GSM and use it on AT&T (since I already have a contract up with them)
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    It really depends on your signal is in your area. Low signal more battery drain etc. I bought the car charger since I don't keep my phone on at work but don't want to run short in my area. I was told they have 5 new towers ready to go online so I hope they flip the switch soon, real soon.
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    Where did you hear about the 5 new towers? And what part of Upstate New York are they talking about? I'm in Rochester and signal is pretty good almost everywhere except by my house which is closer to the lake. Thanks.
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    I still think that is sugar coating things. The talk-time measurement is not a real world assessment of battery usage. It doesn't take into account the extreme differences in power management when data services are being used interactively.

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