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    I've purchased SnapperMail 1.8.4 & YahooMail's POP email forwarding service.

    What I haven't been able to do though is configure them so that I can send & receive my ISP's POP email.

    One question I know I have is: In YahooMail, under "POP Access and Forwarding" you have the choice between "Web & POP Access" or "Forwarding".

    If my goal is to send & retrieve my ISP ('s POP email from my T-600, what should I do? Do I even need both programs to accomplish this?

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    you should be able to get your isp email with just snappermail.

    you need the isp pop server
    you need the isp smtp server, but depending on your mobile provider, you may not be able to use.
    you need to know the authentication method both servers use to let you connect and use them.
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    I've only used the SnapperMail demo so far which only allows you to check one POP account. The full version I believe lets you check multiple POP accounts so you should have no problem accessing Yahoo POP mail and your ISPs on Snapper.
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    I had tried Snapper before. But on my Treo 300, I couldn't configure it to retrieve my POP email from my ISP.

    Works great though on the 600.

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