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    I just started working with MessageXpress. Looks like it could be good, eventually. Here are the problems I'm having thus far (using the desktop rediretor):

    - set prefs to synch all message for the past 4 days. Instead, it is only downloaing new messages from today.

    - no evidence yet that sms push mail is working

    Anyone getting these features to work?
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    I've been a longtime TreoMail user - once you start the service (or reinstall, or whatever), it'll only send redirect the messages that hit your inbox FROM WHEN you install the software. It won't go backwards into your inbox. As more new messages hit your inbox, that 4-day date will start to take affect...
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    Thanks, that helps. What about SMS push (or even just notificatin).... have you been able to get that to work yet?
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    I can't answer that one, as I'm still using my 300, and SMS push doesn't work on the 300, according to Visto.

    On an overall basis, I'm hoping that the MessageXpress client app for the 600 is at least as good as what TreoMail was - I'll say that the Visto client app for the 300 is going backwards in functionality. TreoMail was much better than the Visto app, at least on the 300. It'd better be more functional on the 600, or I'm off in search of something nicer.
    SMS push - a no go for the 300 version of the app.
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    I used Treomail on my 300 as well. Right now it seems pretty clear to me that Treomail was better than Visto, which seems really strange. Yes, you can view some attachments. But as far as I can see, there is no sms new mail notification, which to me is a real step backward. The enterprise edition (on the server) looks better (specs at least)- with "true" pushed mail and abilty to read and send attachments in native format (with Quick office Premier). However, I think their minimum site license is for 25 users, which is many more than we need.

    So, I too may be interested in finding another program. Have been testing Snappermail-- nice on the attachment side but no synchronization (other than with delete) with the desktop (no conduits either) and no sms notification.

    Let me know if you find something that works or a way of getting Visto to work better. I'll do the same!
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    Now I am finding that the desktop redirector is acting flakey. Much of the time it turns "red" indicating it can't connect to the server, although every other program can connect to the server, including outlook. Very dissapointing-- I miss Treomail.
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    I also noticed some redirector flakiness earlier in the day, but lately it's been all sloid green. we'll see....

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