After 2.5 days of use, here are my initial reactions:

This was supposed to be a post praising Sprintís Customer Service. I didnít get data working until Sunday night, but they said they were having problems in general over the weekend. All the Customer Service reps I talked to were courteous, and perseverant in trying to find information about a device that wasnít even available through regular Sprint retail channels yet. The tech at the Sprint Store in Flushing even joked about how they couldnít provision it in the store because they donít have it yet and don't deal with ďfuture phonesĒ. All in all, I had yet to undergo a bad Customer Service experience with Sprint, in almost 12 monthsÖ until this morning.

So, with data active, I tried out the Web. Amazing. This is REALLY fast. Iíd say itís on par or better than Xiino for simple sites, but for more complex ones, itís much slower. It blows away Blazer 2.0. Web works great. Verichat was a-ok. Then I got to SnapperMail, to check all the mail I hadnít been able to check on my Treo over the weekend (on my SprintPCS email account). It didnít work. Hmm, thatís strange. So I logged into the SprintPCS site to check my mail. What mail? It seems that ALL the mail is gone. Lucky for me, I have everything on my device. But Iím not sure exactly what happened to toss all my mail from the past year into the trash!!! Iíll give Sprint a call to find out what happened.

Onto other topics from my first weekend:

First, the problems:

1) If the phone resets on incoming phone calls, it is probably not Sprintís fault. I realized the reason is that, during the HotSync process, I overwrote the default MIDI database with a blank one. So the phone was trying to ring, and couldnít find a tone, then reset. No problem. I used Filez to tweak a lot of backup bits on my 300, and some things that shouldnít be backed up were probably getting backed up, synced, and overwriting the newer version of the file. After restoring the MIDI database, all is well now.

2) Does anyone else notice significant screen flicker, specially in Blazer and PTunes? I see it even more on the lower brightness settings.

3) On the Handspring Portal page, if I press the number button before the image has loaded, the phone resets.

4) Iím still not sure why Blazer takes so long to reload a page when I exit and return to the app!!!!

Other issues:

1) MP3s sound great, with the speaker and with headphones.

2) Almost everything is fast, although there is still a delay when exiting Blazer. Download speed is awesome, but then Blazer takes its time to process more complex pages.

3) I didnít realize this until I read the manual, but the microphone is on the BACK of the device!!!

4) PowerRUN makes the internal memory size almost a non-issue. I have 15 MB available in RAM (out of 24), and yet there are 2 backups and about 20MB of programs and data sitting on the card. Not to mention an hourís worth of MP3s.

5) The dark blue lighting behind the hard buttons is a sight to behold. It truly makes the device shine at night!!!
People used to stare at my 300 in bewilderment, they stare at the 600 in amazement. It looks like a respectable phone (Can we please stop the references to this phone as ďsexyĒ ). Photos donít do it justice.

6) Screen visibility is good in all lighting conditions, even on low backlight.

7) The camera is not as bad as I first suspected. I noticed that the ďblue dotsĒ grow as the Pictures application runs. If you take a picture early on, youíll get a decent shot. Iím sure this is a software issue and will be fixed with future ROM updates (like those hinted at by the Audible email).

8) All in all, this device is what I had hoped the Veld (then Tungsten W) would have been, and more. (Of course, hi-res would be nice). Handspring really came through, on all fronts.