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    hello ,

    Have you a good audio quality with T600,
    particularly with and free function ?

    many thanks for comments
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    I am very pleased with the 600's audio quality, both from the speaker, and with headphones.
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    I'll second that. I think you'll find many people here generally pleased with the audio quality, both from the speaker and using headphones. Some liken it to "just a little worse than my iPod" quality, which is a good thing, IMO. Of course, if you are a serious audiophile and are used to Grado headsets or a pair of B&W Nautilus speakers, you might be a little disappointed. Then again, you probably wouldn't be listening to Mp3s either.
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    Thanks for reply at all,

    I don't compare a gsm audio quality
    and a music rig, but i've read a peoples
    whos have recently buy this model
    with a speaker/microphone problem.

    Same in my country 2 peoples who can
    have good audio quality but not with
    the hand free system ( distortion ).

    i've look this week a T600 in ORANGE
    store and remember a bad quality
    with hand free system.

    comments ?

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