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    Hi - I recently switched from a 300 to a 600 and have been having fun downloading midi ringtones via the Web browser. My girlfriend has also had a lot of fun watching me play with this (okay, so we're both nerds). She now has my T300, and is bugging me to put some of my new ringtones on her phone.

    How do you add ringtones with the T300 (other than buying them from Sprint's online store)? I notice that I can't just sync midi files to load in. Do they have to be converted to .prc files? If so, how do you convert them?
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    Here you go:

    midi to treo ringtone convertor (.pdb)

    This was posted on the forums some time ago... Also checkout the TC ringer...
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    Okay, that converts them into files that her T300 can accept via beaming ... but they don't show up on the list of available ringtones in either the quickdial buttons or the prefs ringtone menu. I'm probably missing a step ... do you know what I'm doing wrong?
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    Not really sure, but I think you may also need a ringtone manager like TCRinger or Ringo to get them into your ringtones group.

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