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    Does anyone have a good backup utility for the built in card? I have been stuck one too many times without the ability to hotsync to a computer and I would like to get a good app to backup the palm to the SD card for a possible full restore.

    I have tried this one and it seems to be descent...

    Any others out there?

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    I'm using BackUpMan. It works great!
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    I have been using right backup from more than once while plugging in the car adapter I have had the 600 hard reset. after I got this util I can restore everything.
    check it out
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    Try Backupbuddy...
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    Handspring's web sitre has a link to what looks like a good backupo utlity designed for the Treo 600:

    However, it is still COMING SOON.

    I have been told this will actually BE an SD Card with backup program built into it.

    I have a card.. I just want a program.

    Can ANYONE tell me if BackupMan or Botzam backup is better?

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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic
    Try Backupbuddy...
    BackupBuddy VFS doesn't support Palm OS5!
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    Originally posted by wcarlson40

    BackupBuddy VFS doesn't support Palm OS5!
    Their web site does in fact indicate that, but there are numerous reports from Cliesource, for example, that it does work with the exception that OS5 ROM is not supported and that other minor issues/bugs exist. If you like BBVFS and want to use it (I do) then it's worth a moment or two to read the posts as most have no trouble at all with it on OS5.

    "... the desktop version (VFS) should work as
    long as you use it for regular RAM backup.. we apologize for any
    inconvenience. It may be a while still..."
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    Im currently using Botzam Backup 2.02 onto my 256 SD PNY card. It works great. As mentioned Im using compression and encryption. I also setup scheduled backups to perform at 12:00am everyday. This program works great!!

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    With Botzam Backup are you able to keep other data (such as programs, MP3s, etc.) on the card along with the backup sets without them being deleted or overwritten?

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    It def9initely seems that the Botzam people WILL BE the ones making the backup that is listed on the handspring website HERE:

    That link is under backup not software by the way...

    This version does look different from the one on Botzam website as it seems to have a tab marked PIM.

    It also still says coming soon... I am waiting for this to be available.

    IMO Backup Buddy is a bloated complicated backup program. Both the BackUpMan program and the Botzam backup programs look simple quick and easy to use. I tried backup buddy and there are so many settings it can make you crazy. I just want to backup my files and be able to restore them (all or individually).

    Has ANYONE here used both BackupMan from BitsNtools AND ALSO Botzam Backup before and can comment which works better and why?

    I see the Botzam has encryption and compression options, and the BackUpMan has better scheduling options... However, has anyone actually used the programs to restoire and they worked perfect or had problems.

    Since these seem to be two of the primary backup solutions, if anyone can comment on both or eother BackUpMan and Botzam backup, it would be much aprpeciated before I buy one or the other (or wait for the Handspring one which seems to be made by Botzam).

    Thanks very much!!
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    Hi again,

    Can someone please tell me which is better if you used one or both?

    BackupMan or Botzam backup?

    The handspring one they will be offering I was told will be built into an SD card. I do not want that.. I just want a program I can put on my card or phone and backup to my existing card.

    If someone can comment on these programs I would very much appreciate it before I go for one.

    From what I see, Botzam has encryption and compression that BackMan doesn't... it also seems newer.

    BackupMan seems to have more flexible backup scheduling based on days of the week, but does not offer compression or encryption. It has a lot of Handango downloads... a lot of good reports about it.

    Backupman also seems to have a feature for conduiot based backup which I assume has something to do with syncing that Botzam does not appear to have.

    Please replyl if you have had good or bad things with one or both of these programs.

    Very Much appreciated.

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    i agree, i do not want it tied to a card, i want to buy my own cards! take care, jay
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    Originally posted by peridoc
    With Botzam Backup are you able to keep other data (such as programs, MP3s, etc.) on the card along with the backup sets without them being deleted or overwritten?


    YES! It stores the files in a separate folder.
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    Any comments about Botzam vs BackUP Man.. which is better?

    I didn't get any response when I emailed Botzam and backUpMan emailed me back even at night in a few minutes. They said encyption is coing in the next version.

    Can anyone say tho FROM EXPERIENCE which is best.. which definitely does a thorough backup and restore.

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    I don't know if this was mentioned yet, but there is a OS 5 Beta for BBVFS. You just have to request it from BlueNomad. You may have to be registered, though, I am not sure. The Beta version is 2.04.
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    Backup Buddy seems way to bloated and complicated for me.. I just need simple backup and selective restore.

    backup Buddy has a slew of options that can drive me mad... I already saw it in action with someone else.

    Any other comments on Botzam vs BackupMan?

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    I use BackupMan, easy and works well.

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