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    Anything that would work with headphone jack to cassette set up?
    Reading threads, I understand that current set up does not work.
    Bruce in Belle Harbor
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    I haven't tried this, but I would have expected that a regular car cassette adapter would work as long as you have the $5 adapter plugged in as well. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I use my iPod headphones and the cassette adapter in the car. Bought the $3.99 adapter at Radio Shack, it works with both.
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    That is good news, Imageone.
    I thought I read on this board that unlike the 300, the 600 was not working with MP3 car adapters.
    Bruce in Belle Harbor
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    What $3.99 adapter at radio shack did you buy? Is it just a mono to stereo 2.5 adapter?

    Please advise, thanks.
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    I have the radio shack adapter and it only works with headphone and NOT my car cassette adapter.

    If you did get a car cassette adapter to work please specify the name and brand.
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    I went t
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    sorry for the double post. Radio Shack cassette adapter works, as does irock wireless.
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    yea, maybe I just need a different brand, with different specs? imageone, did you're "come with" the ipod (or an add-ons pack)?
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    thank you been looking for that answer for a few days now
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    lol imageone you poser

    i also have a new ipod and use those headphones, and i use the cassette adapter that came with my intel pocket conecrt from like 4 yrs ago, and i got the radio shack adapter but it was only 2.99? i didnt buy the 90 degree angle one, i got the straight one and put a slight bend in it, works fine. for the original posters question, yes if you buy a 2.5 mm to standard headphone adapter it will work.
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    If you can't get a tape adaptor or don't have a tape deck in your car you can get a radio frequency device that plugs in and broadcasts to standard FM radio frequencies. I have one but don't recall the manufacturer. Its not the best fidelity but it works when traveling and renting cars when you don't know what kind of radio is going to be in the car you rent.
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    The wireless device is called the IROCk, it works pretty good. I just bought one from Radio Shack for $30 (it was only $10 more then their cassette adapter).

    I picked the irock since my girlfriends car only has a cd player. It just seems more universal and less likely to break.

    You can check it out at

    Its nice to finally play mp3's in the car
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    I broke down and bought the irock, the FM tuner that I was using(cig lighter, etc) wouldnt take it, or the cassette adapter. It's ok, the irock doesnt need "maunal tuning"... and hell it WORKS!
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    I got my adapter today (finally) and tried it out with a Sony cassette adapter. It worked fine. Volume levels were a little low, but not too bad.

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