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    Do you absolutely need to have the phone service on to use the Treo 600. I know it sounds stupid to have the Phone/PDA to use as just a PDA but I don't want the phone service until December but I want to get the Treo just to check it out as a PDA functionality then depending on it want to activate the service. Thanks
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    technicaly it's possible. Just like you can still use the Treo 300 after switching service to the 600. But to take advantage of any deal I believe Sprint is going to make you activate right away.
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    Sure....but why spend over 500 bucks for a PDA......? This tuff puppy ( Treo600) is all that and a more. If you sign up with Sprint or any other carrier, take advantage of all the functionalities that the Treo600 has to offer!!.Brought it to work today for the first time...folks were like wow.....and where can they get one. I took a few pics and sent them to their work email address...nearly knocked them outta their chairs!!!!!

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    I sent an e-mail to sprint and asked them about the number portability (I want to keep my existing pre-pay phone #) But they said in order to get the $100 rebate for a year contract or $150 for 2, I would need to activate before NOV 22.
    I know, it sucks....
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    The answer is, yes. You would end up with a PDA pretty similar to an original Tungsten T, except with a smaller and lower-res screen, and a thumbboard. Not worth the money without the phone, but as a short-term solution, it would be fine. However, from what others are posting, you probably wouldn't get the discount you're going for so it may be pointless.

    Do you have a PDA now? If so, you could just keep that, and buy a T600 in December or whenever you're ready. If not, you could get a cheap Visor Deluxe or something along those lines that would be fine for storing contacts and appointments. They are about $30 on ebay.

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