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    Here is a simple method for getting midi sounds into your treo 600. If you have snapper email send your self a email with the midi as an enclosure you can now save it to your internal sound file with the sound player program built into the phone it will come up with a dialogue box to play with sound player click yes and it now saves it to your internal memory


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    Seems like there's a couple of different ways to get the midi's in the 600, but how to you get them out? I've added a couple that just arn't worth the space and now I can't remove them.
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    goto the phone prefs sounds/ manage/delete the one you do not want
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    Originally posted by hcohen
    goto the phone prefs sounds/ manage/delete the one you do not want
    Just to avoid confusion with any new users - go to prefs (program icon), then SOUND, then tap on TONES, then tap manage.. highlight the ringer you want to remove, tap edit and there will be an option to delete (careful, it doesn't ASK to confirm!)

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    Can the 600 accept .wav files as ringtones? If so, how do I get these files so they pop up under pref/sound/tone/manage? Thanks for any help
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    Much cleaner to get there that way thank you for the input
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    This process seems to work with most email programs that handle inclosures


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