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    why is the sd slot on the top of the phone... Its a MOBILE phone. this means one is likely to use it when out of doors. If its even slightly raining its going to suffer from water ingress through the sd slot. Yes Yes, I know I should be careful and no phone is waterproof (other than nokia builders phone!) but get real, we all use our phones outside. We may well take precautions by trying to shield it from the elements but on this device , I just don't know if its going to be enough! bet the guarantee is vid if suffering from water ingress! words like "fit for purpose" spring to mind.

    What do you reckon on this or is their a natty rubber cover for the slot?
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    Personally, I never use my mobile (or any electronic device not intended for it) in the rain - That's an ideal way of invalidating your warranty. I will wait until I'm inside a building or vehicle.

    If you definitely think you will be using it in wet conditions, might I suggest a polythene bag, tied at the bottom.

    As for the SD slot, a door of some form would be nice for the memory type cards, but not for BT, GPS etc cards, which have an external component. By the same token, the slot is probably at the top mainly for these types of card - the device would be awkward and unsightly with a GPS aerial sticking out of the side or back, and might fall out if on the bottom.

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