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    This is the response I got when i offered to beta test FunCam for the Treo600... should we chip in and all send a T600 to Uraguay to support the cause?

    FunCam would be a real killer paired to a Treo 600, as
    it provides more cool ways to trigger it than a plain PDA
    (ie activation driven by caller-id).

    We started adding Treo 600 support and reached a point
    where it works on the simulator but not on actual devices,
    according to betatesters.

    To discover what's going on (and fix it) we would need a
    real device. Unfortunately the Treo 600 isn't available
    down here (Uruguay), so, at least for now, we will not be
    able to support it.

    Best regards,
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    if they give us the program for free i'll chip in
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