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    Originally posted by mgauss
    Speeds, advantages, disadvantages, etc.

    T-Mobile offers unlimited internet for $ 20 a month.

    Sprint $ 10 a month.

    What about speeds, quality, coverage, etc.

    hello i would like the info about the unlimited internet from t mobile and sprint! many thanks! it would save alot of money! lol
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    Originally posted by Mol

    I've watched the connection on/off behavior more closely tonight and it's slightly worrying. It doesn't restore the connection after it has lost it for more than about 15 minutes. I need to switch it off and on manually or reset.

    Also strange: when it has lost the connection and I go to Select Network, it resets immediately. When I have a connection and I do the same then I see T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless.
    I tried to use bmeter this morning but no luck. Both on t-mobile and at&t it doesn't seem to find the server. It says "connecting to" and then nothing happens. When I cancel it the GPRS connection doesn't work anymore yet the little icon is still saying it's there.

    Any other servers I can try?
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    I think the 15 minute time to find the network again is probably a function of the Treo. It porbably only reinitiates a search for the network again every 15 minutes. I know my nokia phone will search for the network again every 30 seconds or so, but I had a samsung that would take about 15 minutes before.
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    That's not a good sign that bmeter isn't working. I successfully tested my Sprint CDMA treo last Saturday using to compare to my 180 on GPRS. Unfortunately, I can't test right now to see if bmeter server is up because my Vision network connection croaked on me (soon to be dreaded error 67)...
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