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    i need a replacement todo app (task list) - but i need one that will let me schedule alarms for tasks, and set them to repeat (sometimes)... what are the best todo replacements out there everyone is using? don't really want one like agendus with so much other crap bundled in... THANKS!!!
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    i'm looking 4 the same thing, take care, jay
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    I would like something like Agendus but not agendus. Contacts 4 looks good but I want something that is all in one, uses the internal Palm Database so you don't have duplicates and looks good. Am I asking too much. After all why have (2) databases for the same info?
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    I'm looking for the same thing as well.

    One thing that I REALLY want is for when an alarm goes off for it to make the phone Vibrate and not just play the alarm and show on the screen. Most of the time during work I have it on Vibrate and I never hear it.

    As for a good To Do list that doesn't vibrate, try ToDoPlus

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    have we found any that work well w/ the 5-way? does ToDo Plus? and does ToDo plus allow you to set alarms? it kills me that palm has never seen it necessary to allow us to set alarms to todo items - to me it seems like a no brainer!!!
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    ToDo PLUS uses the standard ToDo database and does let you set alarms and you can define them to repeat. However, you can only select a variety of sounds... no option to select vibrate specifically in ToDo PLUS. The 5-way is not utilized (up and down just scrolls the list).

    I have used ToDo PLUS for years... is there a better program for this?
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    You can use the calendar to set up to-do's as appts ... add alarms and include notes, etc.

    If you use Outlook, you can set up timed to-do's and have the alarm go off in your pda by doing a sync.

    Hope that helps.

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