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    Has anyone tried a screen protector on the Treo 600? If so, what kind and how well did it work.
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    I picked up Fellows screen protectors for the Treo 270/300 at CompUSA and used the screen protector that was part of the Treo 600 to measure and trim the excess size for an exact match. The end result was outstanding.
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    I did the same thing, fellowes works well w/ some trimming. I kind of like having to trim it, that makes me able to leave a tab so I can remove it easily later when it's time to replace it.
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    I have emailed Brando and PPC Techs about screen protectors. Brando is waiting for details on the screen size etc from their US partner and PPC Techs said 3-4 weeks while the dye is made to cut the write shields to size. Kind of sucks we have to wait weeks.
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    I did the same as JamesKeys by making a template first. The end result was awesome. Screen still has a wavy look to it but the protection it gives the screen is incredible.

    I made several more to give to my fellow treo 600 friends.

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