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    I originally posted this quite a few months ago in the Treo 300 forum, but I think it's appropriate to re-post here as it'll help a bunch of new Treo 600 users.

    I hacked together a web proxy to the Sprint PCS messaging web site ( for use with Blazer. It's possible to point blazer directly at the sprint messaging site, but the size and complexity of the HTML makes it difficult to use. My proxy has has a very lightweight user interface, enabling it to download and render very quickly. To use it, point Blazer (or your desktop browser) at:

    The form looks like this:
    Edit: I can't seem to post the images inline with the text. Does anybody know how? In the meantime, click on the links to see the screenshots.

    If you're handy with HTML and have a place to host a page, you can even make a customized version of the send form with a hardcoded sender phone number and a dropdown box with all of your contacts. I did this for myself, and it looks like:

    If there's interest, I can post the sample HTML that's required to build the custom form above.

    I've used this system (as have most of my friends) on the Treo 300 for quite a few months. The Treo 600 makes it even easier, since you can set a favorite button to link directly to the SMS page. There are some things worth noting, however:

    • This is a 10-minute hack. Please don't expect it to work 100% of the time. Sprint's messaging site often goes down, and this can result in a number of errors being displayed by my proxy. I'll do my best to help people but I'm trying to finish up grad school and have very little time.
    • Using my proxy should [effectively] be like using Note that this is not the same as Sprint PCS Short Mail. It is paged out as a true SMS, and at the moment Sprint's "true SMS" does not interoperate with other carriers.
    • This is important: In the interest of full disclosure, I want to point this out before anyone flames me for it: By using my proxy, it is technically possible for me to intercept and read what you send. No, I don't do this. I really don't. But keep in mind that you are routing your communications through a server that I control.
    • I also have a PQA version for use with the Treo 300 if anyone's interested at This will not work with the Treo 600, however. It also requires the PQA libraries for the Treo 300. Search the forums for links if you don't have it installed.

    I hope this helps people! I'll be [figuratively] the first person in line to use sprint's MO-SMS when it's available, but this has served me well until now!

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    i'd appreciate it if youd post the html for the hard coded version so i could host this for myself...
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    No problem! I should have just done it as a part of the original post.

    You should be able to cut and paste the following code into an HTML file. The items in red are what you should change. Be sure to properly set the callbackNumber or else nobody will know who you are! Add as many <option> tags as you need to include everybody you want to SMS.

    <title>Chris's SMS App</title>

    <p align="center"><b>Chris's SMS Page</b></p>
    <form method="post" action="">
    <select name="destinationNumber">
    <option value="5305551212">Joe</option>
    <option value="5305552323">James</option>

    <input type="hidden" name="callbackNumber" value="5301234567"/>

    Message: <textarea name="message"></textarea>
    <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Send SMS Now">

    <p align="right"><a href="">Generic send form....</a></p>
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    Credit goes to networkguy for requesting this functionality. It was easy to do....

    You can now embed your callback number into the URL for the Send SMS form. Bookmarking it (or linking to it) this way will save you from having to type your phone number every time. For example, if my callback number is 123-456-7890, I'd like to:

    Note that the URL [i] is case-sensitive and the 'N' in callbackNumber is capitalized.

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    for me it's much easier to just buy the SMS app from PDAapps. and it works with my Address Book.
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