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    I'm in Austin, I bought my Treo 600 from Treo Central, and I'm very pleased with it.

    First, Treo Central shipped it right out to me. They have plenty in stock and they are quick to ship.

    Second, my thoughts on the new Treo.

    I love it. Its fast to connect to the internet, browsing the web is awesome, email is rock solid with Snapper Mail, and I'm able to do much more than with a regular phone or blackberry device. Yesterday I was hanging with my family and we decided to go to a movie. I used blazer to go to where i ordered the tickets and got the confirmation email when I loaded up Snapper to get my email. It couldn't be easier or quicker.

    Email is the most important app for me and emailing with the Treo is great. Snapper is a much more complete email client than the one I had with my blackberry and I like the fact that I can download other email clients if there is ever a better one.

    Most of all, Sprint is really working well in Austin. I drove to Fredricksburg Texas today and I was able to use PCS vision during the drive (doing 80 miles an hour) in the middle of nowhere Texas.

    Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
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    Another fellow Austinite here:

    Treo rocks, Snappermail + Treo 600 is a deadly combo. Snapper is so much faster on the 600 then the 300.

    The new blazer seems faster and does a better job with pages.

    astrojams, what part of Austin are you in (I'm NW, Aroboretum/Great Hills area).

    Anyways, thanks for the comments.
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    I live in the same area. Spicewood and 360.
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    Nice area, I love 360, used to drive it to work everyday.

    Did you try and get your Treo at the Sprint store on 360 and Stonelake?
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    No, I just bought it here. I didn't see it advertised on Sprint's web site, so I thought for sure that they wouldn't have it in their stores. I'm all about having new technology first.
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    Hmmm... asnother Austinite near Spicewood & 183. Are we going to overload the tower?

    I ordered from Handspring for the Treo 300 discount but am still waiting ("Order Received").

    I'll order accessories from TreoCentral to support the site once I have the phone and know what 300 accessories can be carried over.

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