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    I haven't yet gotten my T600 (waiting for portability ), but I was playing around with the emulator, and had a question.

    Verichat is an extremely cool program. Does the Sprint Vision allow you to stay connected all the time, so that I can always be online, or do you have to run the program specifically?

    It seems like something that might be possible with GPRS, but I don't have any experience with Sprint at all.


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    Yes, but Verichat, in both the CDMA and GPRS devices will actually recieve incoming messages via SMS when you are not in the program, so data connectivity does not play a role.
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    Yes, you can stay connected to Vision. Verichat informs me when someone on my list comes online and I appear online to those who have me on their list

    Verichat is very cool
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    Verichat will be one of the first programs I buy when I get my T600. I haven't seen a program for the Palm this cool since the Worldmate program I used to use on my 7135.


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